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**Seipai **Kururunfa **Seisan **Suparinpei** are the top Goju-Ryu kata(s), and contain the most advanced techniques and martial principles. Our DVDs are the most comprehensive and detailed instructional resource on video anywhere. A must of all Goju-ryu practitioners and serious martial artists of all backgrounds. Explanations and demonstrations by world renowned Goju-Ryu instructor Kyoshi Paul Enfield (8th Dan and GKCglobal Co-Director).

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"I received my order and immediately began studying it. As expected Sensei Paul Enfield has done an extraordinary job of teaching this very important form at every level of detail needed to apply it. I strongly encourage every karate student, regardless of style or experience, to add this to your martial arts library."

"..thoroughly recommend this new video presentation...Content is well structured and presented, backed up by high-level skill, thought-provoking ideas and many many years of experience. Although my karate is predominantly Shuri-based,... I’ve learned a great deal from what Paul has shared within this video. A valuable addition to your martial arts library..."

"I can recommend this and Enfield Sensei’s other DVD’s to any serious practitioner of any style...You don’t need to be Goju - Ryu to understand the principles based learning..."

"I wanted to for producing such an excellent training aid. Your DVDs are the second best thing to actually being in class with you. I highly recommend this, and all your DVD, to anyone..."

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