A Systematic Approach to Kakie & Connector Drills Online Workshop, Mar 24, 2024 - Registration now Open

Kakie & Connector Drills, a Systematic Approach - Online Workshop

Kakie & Connector Drills, a Systematic Approach - Online Workshop

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Sunday March 24, 2024 - 10:00am - 11:30am PDT.
A systematic approach to Kakie and Connector drills; how to combine the two, and how they compliment each other.

Miyagi Chojun Sensei considered Kakie Goju Ryu's primary 'kumite' (sparring) exercise. It's through Kakie (goju ryu's 'push hands') that kata application practices come to life, and when combined with properly executed Connector Drills (bridging, trapping, controlling), your bunkai will advance exponentially. 
If you can't attend live but still want the video register anyway and you will receive the video (must be early bird registration - on or before Mar 2, 2024).

What you will learn:
A structured, systematic, and proven method to approach the development of both kakie and connector drills (close range sensitivity, trapping, bridging, creating openings) - no more confusion about how to include the practice (and teaching - for teachers) of these important components of Okinawan Karate. We will take you through all stages of practice; beginner through advanced.
What you need:
Internet connection, viewing screen. Attend with or without a partner (it's recommended to have a partner).
What you get:
Content rich curriculum during the workshop - 1 1/2 hours, includes HD fully edited recording of the workshop that is yours to download and keep for reference (early bird registrations only receive the video).
Material that you can pass on to students and peers.
A systematic approach for your own practice and teach your students if applicable.
Who are the instructors:
Paul Enfield 8th dan, Michelle Enfield 5th dan.
Do I need experience in kakie/connector drills?
No. The systematic approach is designed to be easy to follow for everyone.
$50 individual registration (paying for one person)
$75 for two persons* (paying for you and your partner)
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Early-bird registration (includes video transcript):
Register before March 2, 2024
Last day to register is:. 
March 20, 2024 (video transcript - fully edited HD - not included after Mar 2nd).

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