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Weaponizing Tensho Online Workshop

Weaponizing Tensho Online Workshop

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Sunday Jan 29, 2023 - 10:00am - 11:30am PST.
Learn how to weaponize Tensho kata with two person drills and application principles.

This will be a vital study of Tensho kata's combative principles and techniques in the form of renzoku bunkai (continuous application analysis) template, and other two person drills. The sequence to this kata will also be covered briefly.

What you will learn:
The complete renzoku bunkai (flow sequence) for Tensho kata, and associated drills.
What you need:
A partner (although you can attend solo if you wish).
What you get:
A full 1 hr 30 mins online workshop via Zoom - last 15 mins Q & A.
A free HD edited recording of the workshop for reference*(reg on or before 1/15/23).
Material that you can pass on to students and peers.
To have fun.
Who are the instructors:
Paul Enfield, Michelle Enfield.
Do I need to know the kata?
No. The two person drills do not require knowledge of the kata. The principles and lessons contained in the drills will enhance any combative practices.,

Last day to register is Jan 27, 2023. 
Registration is limited

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Non-members US$50 includes you and your training partner at same venue.

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