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Paul Enfield Sensei demonstrates Suparinpei application at GKCglobal seminar Canada 2023

GKCglobal Seminar Hamilton, Canada Apr 2023

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GKC Seminar Series..

This video is just under three hours and covers three days of training. The focus of the weekend and therefore this video is: structured performance of junbi undo making it relevant to our training goals; relating the various elements of karate practice to Sanchin kata; a deep dive into Kakie, Kakie progression and how to practice a variety of skills from the Kakie platform; various other skills and training methods of Okinawan karate such as connector drills, ude and ashi tanren, kata performance and application, and more.


  • Junbi-undo (preparatory exercises) - various key points & pelvic tilt.
  • Sanchin kata - importance of structure.
  • Kakie - progression of kakie types.
  • Seiyunchin - meaning of Seiyunchin kanji; various key points of kata execution and the 'why'. 
  • Definition and differences between the two types of kata; heishu and kaishu-gata. 

Saturday am:

  • Junbi undo - relationship to technique; application of abdominal exercises.
  • Kakie - Key points; progression drills; relation to Sanchin kata.
  • Connector Drills in Kakie - how to introduce connector drills within the kakie platform.
  • 'Inside' kakie (a variation to enable working from the inside line).
  • Low Kicks in kakie.
  • Participant recap (seminar participants recap the morning's curriculum).

Saturday pm:

  • Uke-waza (blocking techniques) Detail - how to block to ensure application efficiency.
  • Various Tanren (body conditioning) - correct attitude.
  • Ashi-waza (let entanglement) - introducing ashi-waza into Kakie.
  • Saifa kata Bunkai - Renzoku bunkai drill (continuous application drill).


  • Junbi-undo - each day different emphasis.
  • Kihon waza (fundamentals) - breaking down various fundamentals.
  • Sanchin chudan positions.
  • Kakie Review - reviewing kakie methods from the weekend.
  • Kakie with Kata Bunkai - gekisai through Suparinpei select bunkai from kakie platform.
  • Q & A - 1. Best style of karate? 2. What makes Goju Goju? 3. Sanchin and Tensho kata are the foundation? 4. How do you breakdown kata for application? 5. How are kata created? 6. How do you develop bunkai for self-defence? 7. What Goju tradition are we learning?

Duration: 2hrs 57mins. Recorded in Hamilton, ON, Canada.
Hosted by Toraguchi Martial Arts.