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Enfield Sensei demonstrates gedan barai.

GKCglobal Seminar Staines, UK May 2023

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GKC Seminar Series..

Covers; connector drills, kata application, seiyunchin and tensho flow templates, and much more.

Utilizing kakie and connector drills as launching platform, this detailed seminar footage presents all the key points of the two day seminar clearly and concisely. Contents include:

  • Fundamentals - kakie and connector drill platform drills
  • Kata Application - how to work application from the platform drills
  • Low Kicks, Weaponizing stances - targets and kick types, displacement, ashi-kakie
  • Seiyunchin Renzoku breakdown - breaking down each sequence as it appears in the renzoku drill (with some extras)
  • Seiyunchin Renzoku full sequence 
  • Tensho Renzoku flow drill
  • Q & A - explanation of koken (inu no kamae) hand positions; "when did you start this method of training?"; how to teach connector drills; purpose of Tensho kata 

The two person drills do not require knowledge of the kata. The principles and lessons contained in the drills will enhance any combative practices.

Duration: 43 mins. Recorded in Staines, UK.
Hosted by SKA Kenpo Karate-jutsu Gakkai.