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Systematic Chi'shi - 5 Wk Course & Proficiency Certification Lessons

Systematic Chi'shi - 5 Wk Course & Proficiency Certification Lessons

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There are 5 separate 25 minute lessons that comprise this course. 
Used correctly, the Chi'shi is an excellent traditional Okinawan Karate tool, that increases strength and performance for all martial arts.

Each session is 25 minute duration. Each class will focus on a specific topic. No previous Chi'shi experience necessary. 

What you will learn:
Use of the Chi'shi to enhance your martial performance, strength, and overall endurance; this includes: increased strength for striking, blocking, seizing, increased endurance. Chi'shi methods to develop and/or improve chinkuchi (sudden release of power). Traditional and contemporary exercises that bolster connective tissue, joints, fascia. Breathing method for Chi'shi. 
What you need:
A Chi'shi appropriate for you. It's recommended to have two Chi'shi; one of a lighter weight and one heavier. A safe space to practice (enough room to wield the Chi'shi without hitting anything (see link how to build a Chi'shi - it's really quite simple and inexpensive: ).
What you get:

  • Five classes - HD recordings.
  • Opportunity for GKCglobal proficiency certification - to receive certification you must complete each of the five classes. Commit to practicing each of the weekly sequences a minimum of two times per week. Submit a synopsis (continuous video) of key exercises at the end of the five week period - for those who choose certification, we will send you more complete details upon registration.  
  • Material that you can pass on to students and peers.

Who are the instructors:
Paul Enfield Kyoshi - lived and trained in Okinawa and Japan, 8th degree black belt, co-director GKCglobal.
Do I need previous experience?
No. Each exercise will be demonstrated and explained fully.