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Iron Hand Training - Coconut Break

Iron Hand Training - Coconut Break

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We have seen a ton of interest in this title recently.

Why? Well the video is easy to follow and anyone who sticks to the program can achieve fast results, people who have purchased Iron Hand Training have been posting their amazing results on social media and YouTube, following the program will improve all areas of your martial arts training. Here's Paul M Sensei making a level 2 break (hand held) look easy.

Breaking a coconut without injury may be the goal of this video however the real benefits will be found in the increased density and resilience of your hands and arms, the ability to effortlessly hit hard through the development of heavy hands, and in the increased confidence of your strikes and blocks. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, as the principles of this process can be applied to all training and conditioning goals, you will learn how to systematically and incrementally train your body and mind.

This video and the exercises contained herein are meant for informational purposes only.
This is my training protocol that I use to develop specific skills.
Following this protocol without expert supervision may result in severe injury.
Do not attempt without expert supervision. Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise regime.