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Seisan Kata Applied Workshop

Seisan Kata Applied Workshop

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Seisan Kata Applied..

A fascinating look at one of Karate's oldest kata.

In this 1 hour 14 minute masterclass on applying Seisan kata you will learn techniques and insight that is rarely, if ever, revealed  - Take your knowledge and study to the next level!
Learn about the structure of the kata, drills to enhance your application processes, and a complete renzoku sequence (flow drill) that enables you to perform the entire kata as a continuous two person drill.

The two person drills do not require knowledge of the kata. The principles and lessons contained in the drills will enhance any combative practices. While the purpose of this video is to learn two person application practices, the solo kata is demonstrated briefly in this video (if you are looking for in depth instruction in the solo kata execution please see our "Seisan Kata Instructional" video).

Duration: 1 hour 14 mins.
Available as a Digital Download only.