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GKCglobal Associate Dojo

GKCglobal Associate Dojo

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GKCglobal Associate Dojo

The membership fee is for a 12 month membership.

For Dojo owners who wish to be part of a legitimate organization and would like to have access to technical and curriculum materials, and have the opportunity to pursue rank advancement if desired (dojo owners may be eligible for Shibu Dojo status upon meeting further conditions).

Benefits –

Certificate of Membership (personalized E-certificate).

Access to private Facebook page – the private FB page features an extensive instructional video library (that continues to grow), articles, in addition to other materials of interest. Videos include such topics as Kata, Kata Bunkai (application), Training Methods, Strength Training, and more.

Standing discount on any instructional materials at

Questions via email/messenger – Email or message us anytime with questions.

Opportunity for Rank Advancement – Let us know your martial arts history, rank, and other relevant information. Rank advancement will be considered on an individual basis.

Basic Curriculum and School management guidance – Consultation via email or messenger on curriculum building and dojo management. One free 30 min consultation per year.

Access to one group virtual Zoom classes per month.

Renews annually, no refund or partial refunds on GKCglobal annual memberships.