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Gekisai Unveiled Workshop

Gekisai Unveiled Workshop

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A deep dive into the nature and application principles of the Gekisai Kata

A vital study unveiling the real meaning of the gekisai kata templates and how they should NOT be considered an elementary kata for the intermediate and advanced practitioner; why they are structured the way they are, how they relate to the traditional kata body, how to build progression in application. Renzoku bunkai (continuous application analysis) template will be included. The sequence to this kata will also be covered briefly.
Download a free PDF of workshop contents and times here. 

What you will learn:
How to think about the kata in the context of style. Why the kata is structured the way it is. Application principles for gekisai ichi & ni, renzoku bunkai (flow sequence), and associated drills.
Video Duration:
1 hour 8 mins fully edited HD recording.
Do I need to know the kata?
No. The two person drills do not require knowledge of the kata. The principles and lessons contained in the drills will enhance any combative practices, and enhance analysis of any kata you practice.
A GKCglobal Event.