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GKCollege Class Module & Video Review

GKCollege Class Module & Video Review

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Twenty minute class* module & Video Review (minimum four class series - if you simply want a private class then please go here to purchase: https://gkcglobalshop.com/collections/services/products/skype-lesson ).

GKCglobal Members Only (Non-members please go to https://gkcglobalshop.com/collections/services/products/skype-lesson ).

These classes are designed for maximum benefit to the enrollee.  You have the option to submit a three minute video on an agreed topic 24 hours prior to the class. This way you instructor can pinpoint areas to work on ahead of time so there will be no wasted time assessing areas to work on during the actual class. You also have the option to have the class recorded giving you unlimited access to review the lesson. 

We strongly recommend that you contact us prior to purchasing your class to discuss class curriculum and topics. You may message us from the messenger logo on this page, or - info@gojukaratecenter.com

*Online class only - via zoom. Minimum of 24 hrs required to cancel or change - no refunds or credits for missed classes.