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Iron Palm Workshop - Recommended

Iron Palm Workshop - Recommended

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I hour of content packed material

Introduction to:
Iron Palm Online Workshop
Easy to learn and implement, with great results in as little as 10 mins per day!

Learn practical and tested methods that forge the hands to become more resilient, less vulnerable to injury, increase confidence to hit harder, while developing almost every part of the hand as a weapon. Over time your arms will develop a shocking heaviness for blocking, intercepting and swinging strikes.

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Upon completion of this workshop you will have learned a methodical and effective training protocol to start you on your journey of Iron Palm training, or to expand on training you already engage in.
Materials - a small canvas pouch approx. 10 x 10 inch (25cm x 25 cm) filled with dried beans, rice or iron ball bearings (bbs work well – don’t use lead). A medium to large hard husk coconut (a smooth river rock can be used as a substitute). 

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The Workshop includes three specific areas of study:

Hand and Forearm preparation –

  • Stretch
  • Strengthening

 Iron Palm (soft) Pouch –

  • Striking areas on Hands
  • Suggested routine
  • Hitting methods
  • Safety precautions
  • Correct use of Herbal Liniment (dit da jow - purchase here)

Iron Palm (hard) Object (We will be using a Coconut; a smooth river rock will work also) –

  • Striking areas on Hands
  • Suggested routine
  • Hitting methods
  • Safety precautions
  • Herbal Liniment
  • How to Break a Coconut

 Benefits Iron Palm/Heavy Hand Training -

  • Resilient hands
  • Develop multiple striking surfaces
  • Less prone to injury
  • Hit harder
  • Shocking heaviness
  • Healthy hands