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Weaponizing Tensho Workshop

Weaponizing Tensho Workshop

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Weaponize Tensho kata..

Learn how to decode Goju-Ryu's mysterious flowing hand kata.

Tensho kata is much more than the 'soft' version of Sanchin. Learn how Tensho kata can supercharge your application practices and enhance combative skills.
This video is a vital study of Tensho kata's combative principles and techniques. In the video you will learn the complete renzoku bunkai (continuous application analysis) template, as a platform to launch a myriad of drills and techniques. 
You will learn in concrete ways how Tensho kata enhances your kata bunkai and much more.

The two person drills do not require knowledge of the kata. The principles and lessons contained in the drills will enhance any combative practices.

Duration: 1 hour 11 mins.