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Seminar by the Sea 2024 Video Transcript

Seminar by the Sea 2024 Video Transcript

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April 2024, GKCglobal conducted it's honbu dojo international gasshuku in Carlsbad, CA USA. Participants from Europe, Canada, and across the US were in attendance. This video documents the three days of training: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, April 26-28, 2024.

Friday - Junbi undo, Kihon Kata Bunkai from Gekisai 1 & 2, Saifa, Seiyunchin, Shisochin). Video duration: 50mins
Saturday - Platform Drills including Uke harai, Kakie, Ude tanren. Kata; Gekisai, Saifa, Seiyunchin, Shisochin, Sanseiru. Tensho Kata and two person 'flow' drill. Video duration: 1hr 34mins
Sunday - Junbi undo, Suparinpei prep kihon, Suparinpei kata (some bunkai), Seipai kata bunkai. Video duration: 1hr 54mins

What you will learn:
Get insight into GKCglobal's pedagogical approach to developing a holistic understanding of the Okinawan karate system. 
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Who are the instructors:
Paul Enfield Kyoshi - lived and trained in Okinawa and Japan, 8th degree black belt, co-director GKCglobal. Michelle Enfield Renshi - a world renowned instructor, 6th the degree black belt, co-director GKCglobal.