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Kakie & Connector Drills, a Systematic Approach

Kakie & Connector Drills, a Systematic Approach

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A systematic approach to Kakie and Connector drills. Stop practicing Kata applications from static punches and wrist grabs.

You've all seen it; kata movements being used as blunt stoppers to unrealistic attacks, or complex movements that always seem to start with a wrist grab. 'Bunkai' doesn't have to start this way! In fact, contained within the 'blocking' and transitional movements of karate kata is a rich matrix of functional capabilities hidden in plain sight.
In this seminar we will unlock these capabilities with a systematic explanation of drills and concepts that will show you how a large part of Okinawan karate involves bridging, trapping, suppressing, to enable effective striking, locking, and throwing. If you're interested in adding these skills to your body of knowledge then this video is a good place to start. Just to be clear, these drill and concepts, while eye opening and fun to learn do require time and effort to build proficiency.

Miyagi Chojun Sensei considered Kakie Goju Ryu's primary 'kumite' (sparring) exercise. It's through Kakie (goju ryu's 'push hands') that kata application practices come to life, and when combined with properly executed Connector Drills (bridging, trapping, controlling), your bunkai will advance exponentially. 

What you will learn:
A structured, systematic, and proven method to approach the development of both kakie and connector drills (close range sensitivity, trapping, bridging, creating openings) - no more confusion about how to include the practice (and teaching - for teachers) of these important components of Okinawan Karate. We will take you through all stages of practice; beginner through advanced.
What you get:
A systematic approach to developing Kakie ('push-hands' sensitivity drill).
Integration of bridging and trapping into your application practice (connector drills).
Material you can integrate into any martial arts practice regardless of style.
Material that you can pass on to students and peers.
A systematic approach for your own practice and to teach your students.
Who are the instructors:
Paul Enfield 8th dan, Michelle Enfield 5th dan.
Do I need experience in kakie/connector drills?
No. The systematic approach is designed to be easy to follow for everyone.

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Duration: 1 hour 9 minutes HD video.

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