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Sanchin Kata Instructional

Sanchin Kata Instructional

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In this instructional video Paul Enfield Kyoshi, hachi dan (8th dan), teaches the fundamental kata Sanchin Ichi (moving forward/back), and Sanchin Ni (turning). Sanchin kata is a vital component of many martial disciplines due to the benefits of its practice. This DVD focuses on correct structure and posture, breathing methods, visualization, and the isotonic movement patterns. 

Awesome teachings. Answers to questions I have been asking for more than 30 years yet have not been able to find until now.."

"I just watched the DVD Sensei WOW Thank You SO Much! I have been practicing karate for 40 years this is the very BEST Sanchin material and instruction I have EVER SEEN! Thanks so much for these Fantastic DVDs!"

Sanchin kata is credited with developing great power generation, resilience (iron body), in addition to stamina and mental well-being.