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GKCglobal Maryland Seminar Aug 2019 Recap

GKCglobal Maryland Seminar Aug 2019 Recap

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Video recapping some of the content from our seminar in Maryland, August, 2019. Video is 17 minutes long.

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During the 3 days of seminars we explored the importance of junbi-undo, it's relationship to sanchin kata, and karate as a whole. Likewise we saw how sanchin kata underpins everything we do in karate particularly; structure, power generation, the use of goju, voiding, etc.

We explained the method and purpose of sanchin shime and also used this as an opportunity to talk about 'Safety in Touch' (to ensure that not only do students of all ages and genders retain agency over their bodies and decisions in the dojo, but that they are also empowered to claim sovereignty over themselves in all areas of life).