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Makiwara Striking Post
Makiwara Striking Post

A Guide To Makiwara

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The Makiwara has been Okinawa Karate's secret weapon for centuries and is credited with developing unbelievably powerful strikes.
A Guide To Makiwara is a Two Volume comprehensive instructional video for functional use of the Makiwara (over 2 hours of content). The video will show how to get started with the Makiwara in a logical and safe progression, precautions to take, advanced practice, supplementary resistance exercises to support Makiwara practice, use of 'Jow' (Chinese lineament), numerous different methods to strike with all four limbs.
Demonstration and explanations are by Paul Enfield Kyoshi, 8th dan. Paul Enfield started his martial arts training in 1978. He has lived and trained in Okinawa and Japan, been uchi-deshi (live in student) to one of the world's foremost karate teachers, and has traveled all over the world learning and teaching martial arts.
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