Seminar by the Sea Resource Collection

Seminar by the Sea Attendee Special Offer

Specifically with Seminar by the Sea 2024 attendees in mind, and as a thank you for attending, we are offering a selection of relevant videos at 50% discount with code (exp. June 18, 2024). These videos relate to material taught at the seminar and will be a good additional reference. 
Included in this collection are the following: 
Suparinpei Kata Instructional
Suparinpei Analysis (applications).
Tensho Kata.
Weaponizing Tensho Workshop (how to use to bolster kata bunkai practices).
Kakie & Connector Drills, a Systematic Approach (a pedagogical approach to practicing and teaching these platform drills).
Connector Drills Workshop (a variety of connector drills and how to utilize them effectively).

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